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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Still Standing

However, I wish I was lying down! I've been away for awhile...having and caring for our new babe. Chris was born in the early hours of March 18th, after a mere 5 hours of pitocin induced labor. If I had to do it over again, I would have waited a day or two more before inducing. Pitocin is no joke. My hubby was strong as a rock and provided awesome support as I labored. I was able to labor standing up, much easier than previous labors, and leaning on hubby was such a relief. Speaking of relief, I found that when the pitocin was flowing there was very little relief between contractions. The Nurse shut it off when I was at the end, 8 cm, and finally there was noticeable relief between contractions.

To make a long story short, Chris made his arrival, all10 lbs 4 oz of him, it hurt like the dickens! We couldn't be happier! Man o Man was I happy! The doc and the nurses were great, hubby was solid and baby was healthy and huge! Thanks Be to God. and thank goodness it wasn't all that chocolate that made me so huge :)

He's absolutely my new love, I do try to share him, but it's hard. Even as tired as I am, I just can't let him go.

I apologize now for any spelling errors, I'm typing this on hubby's iPad, and the keyboard is weird.

Here are some pics of the boy who has stolen my heart.

Friday, March 11, 2011


I am due on Sunday. I am ready today. I have only dilated 1.5 cm..I went on a walk today..even though the doc said walking will only make me tired..he said there's no proof that walking speeds up any dilation. But at least I felt like I was doing something.

He was right. I am tired now. The kids are great. They are making our meatless Lenten lunch..fish sticks and mac and cheese. Lent is the only time I buy mac and cheese. So it's more of a treat than a sacrifice. Maybe I need to re-think that.

just some random thoughts:

Glad to hear that Sarah over at Harbor of Aloha is doing well and safe this morning after the Tsunami warnings for Hawaii. I haven't heard directly from her, but t.v. says Hawaii was pretty much spared any major damage. Now I need to check with my sis in SoCal.

Japan.wow.Crazy. I've been through one, very minor earthquake when we were stationed in Guam. I didn't like it. Can't imagine 8.9. wow.

My 14 yo has us listening to his mp3 player during lunch..I've heard everything from The Beach Boys to The Star Wars Theme to Phil Collins..throw some TobyMac and RED in there as well. He's got varied taste that boy.

Off to eat lunch. Girls are calling me. Have a great day!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mr. Pinch Overheard

During a recent episode of "Just Dance" phys ed.. Mr. Pinch blurted out

"My butt feels good when I shake it!"

Should I be worried?


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