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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Daybook - August 2, 2011

You can participate at The Simple Woman's Daybook.

For today..

Outside my window..the sun is up and it's not too hot this morning. Quite humid, but not oppressive. Even after running the neighborhood,it felt okay. Maybe the heat wave is breaking.

I am thinking...that editing my blog with the iPad is driving me crazy! It's a nifty little tool, however it has many drawbacks.

I am thankful for...coffee and good health. I am no coffee connossieur, Maxwell House is good enough for me. I love the little boost of energy I get from the caffiene. The boost helps me get up the ridiculous mountains in my neighborhood. You'd think we lived in the Appalachians...sheesh!

From the learning rooms...I am ordering school books today. Finally.

From the kitchen...finished my Wilton Basic Decorator's course. Took it about ten years ago so I needed to refresh. Lots of new techniques. It was much fun!

I am wearing...my workout gear. Black capri sweats and a pink tee.

I am going...to a friends to pick up my Christmas trees she borrowed for an event. Also need to head to Staples for school and meeting supplies. Business cards for the boys' lawnmowing service.

I am hoping...that my meeting with the other homeowners about our neighborhood pool, goes well. We've had some issues and they need to be resolved.

I would post a picture but this dern iPad won't let me upload one. Erghhh! I don't recommend it for blogging. Or anything where typing, uploading and/ or scrolling is necessary.


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