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Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Days..

It's slow out there in blog land.

12 years ago today, my first daughter made her appearance. I barely made it to the hospital on time. She was born 20 minutes after I walked in the door and the nurse hadn't even turned all the lights on. It was comical..she was delivered by the emergency room doc and and when my doc arrived, frazzled and in a t-shirt and shorts, he was quite upset that the room lights were not on. It was funny.

I am so happy to have her, she is one special young lady.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thinkin' About...

changing my blog to Wordpress. They have some great designs and better feedback stats. Anyone out there have any advice?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Well It's A Hot One..

and it sure will feel like we are 7 inches from the midday sun. Another day in the high 90's. I love it. There may be some scattered t-storms this evening..good for the plants.

I went ahead and made the switch to Geometry, for both boys, next year. The original schedule had one doing Advanced Math I and the other, Algebra II. We have had a hard time with the last few sections of Algebra II. My options were to continue on as planned, take the Geometry course, or re-do Algebra II. I didn't want him to repeat Alg II just for those last few sections, he did well for 3/4 of the course. I haven't been able to find a tutor I can afford for Advanced Math, and both Hubby and I did well in Geometry so we will be able to guide the learning.

With both boys working on the same subject the teaching comes much easier. The tail end of this year was crazy for me. I'm no mathematician. I had 4 levels of math going at the same time..switching back and forth from basic multiplication/division, to pre Algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II. I look at my kids and am amazed at how they are learning these concepts. How much they are retaining. If I had known then, what I know now..I would have started introducing these concepts when they were babies.

Putting them on the same course at the same time will free up time for all of us and they will be able to use each other as resources. Although, they've already started the competition thing. When I told them what we would be doing, the middle one already made the challenge to my oldest "I bet I'll get a higher grade on the first test"! Here we go! Ahhhhhh..Brotherly Love.

My oldest is inches away from Eagle Scout. He's finished his last merit badge and just has to submit his paperwork and have his Eagle Scout Board of Review. He's very excited. I am very proud.

Out of 100 Scouts: Four of the one hundred will reach Eagle rank, and at least one will later say that he valued his Eagle above his college degree. Many will find their future vocation through merit badge work and Scouting contacts. Seventeen of the one hundred boys will become adult leaders and will give leadership to thousands of additional boys.

My middle son is following close behind. Next year he begins his final push for Eagle.

My daughter is headed to a Call To Holiness retreat the beginning of July. She'll get to spend some time with other girls to learn about vocations. All vocations. She'll meet the sisters from The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia. I've had the opportunity to meet some of these sisters and they are the most joy-filled women I have ever met. I think my daughter is going to have a fabulous time at this retreat. Please keep her in prayer, it's the first time she has been away from home for any length of time.

Check out this beautiful video from The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Challenge(s)

I started a self-challenge this week. To run 10 miles in one week. M-Sat. Sunday's are a day off. So far I've logged 4.5 miles. I've had to use the treadmill because it's way too hot, even early in the am, (for me)to run any length of time. I hope to keep updates here, sort of accountability for myself. I never liked running. I used to dread the PT sessions when I was in the Navy, only because of the runs. I was so slow and inevitably ended up last person in and feeling like I was about to keel over.

Recently, however, I've had this weird desire to run. I feel sorta like Forrest Gump, but not.. he kept on run-ning and run-ning..I don't quite feel that good about it, but I don't mind doing it.

My other self-challenge is to cook more "from scratch" dinners. I usually have a box of something or can of this or packet of that. No more. I'm not going 100% organic or anything like that, but just fresher ingredients and less, much less, pre-packaged stuff.

So..that's my self-challenge. I'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
You know that saying about flies, right?

I wanna..

buy a camera. It's expensive. It's awesome! I just really want it. I am thinking of the 90 day thing..hmmmmm..

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today's Gospel

Matthew 7:1-5
If you want to avoid judgement, stop passing judgement. Your verdict on others will be the verdict passed on you. The measure with which you measure will be used to measure you. Why look at the speck in your brother's eye when you miss the plank in your own? How can you say to your brother, "let me take that speck out of your eye," while all the time the plank remains in your own? You hypocrite! Remove the plank from your own eye first; then you will see clearly to take the speck from your brother's eye.
NAB St. Joseph Edition

From the Word Among Us...

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to pinpoint in someone else the same sins that you are prone to? If we tend to talk too much, we get impatient when someone won’t let us get a word in edgewise. If overeating is a temptation, we notice when a friend puts on extra pounds or accepts a second helping. If we tend toward laziness, we quickly fault a family member who doesn’t seem to be doing his share of the work.

That’s why today’s Gospel reading is so important. When we are tempted to criticize or judge someone else, Jesus invites us to shine the same light on ourselves. This is not so that we will condemn ourselves but so that we will grow in charity. After all, we should have compassion on people who experience the same weaknesses that we do. Focusing on our own failings can also show us where we need to repent. We all need to call on God’s power to help us change.

It’s important to learn how to see ourselves and each other in the light of God’s deep love. This person isn’t—and you are not—a gossip, a glutton, or a slacker. This person is—and you are—a beloved child of God, called into his family, graced and greatly gifted.

Often, the same traits that lead us to sin can be transformed into tools to build God’s kingdom. You may be stubborn in holding onto your own will—or you can be determined to stick to what God has called you to do. You can be passive when action is called for—or you can be trusting in God’s power, waiting to see how he will work out things that look unredeemable to you.

The key is to let God’s love penetrate your mind each day so that his thoughts flow into your mind and his love flows into your heart. If you hold onto him, he can purify you and prepare you for his service. If you focus on him instead of other people’s shortcomings, you can become a powerful instrument in his hands.

“Lord, you created me to love you as no one else can. You know me inside and out. Thank you for loving me and calling me to follow you.”

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Yep..He's the bomb! Top Dog! Cream of the Crop! Best Dad evah!

Thank you Dad. Thank you for working hard for all of us. Thank you for sacrificing what you wanted so we could have what we wanted. Thank you for you service to our country. Thank you for finding and marrying Mom!(Special Thanks to Mom for saying YES!) Thank you for taking us fishing. Thank you for throwing great parties! Thank you for your discipline. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for loving us. We love you! Wishing you a blessed and happy Day.
- The Kids

Little Nicky

The Beginning

Cool Car...

Cool Dad!

Christmas in Germany

Me & Kevin with Dad!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas in Hinesville!

Love those fishing shorts!

The Boys!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

In The Quiet of The Morning

Dad up early...kids eat heartily...much talk and banter...laughter heard in the kitchen...FIFA on t.v....shouts of urgency...door slams...sudden quiet.

Smells of nourishment linger...evidence on the table, of life. A walk up reveals crumpled sheets and hurried motions. Electricity blares from every room. Frowning then smiling at their forgetfulness..loving them in their absence.

The picture of a moment in time. The love that is shared here. The beauty of family.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Trip - Part II Baltimore (Bawl-Mer)

Ahhhhhhhh...downtown Baltimore...the sounds (cars driving past, ambulances chasing behind..fire trucks enroute, sirens blaring!) Ahhhhhhhhhh....Hilton Baltimore....Camden Yards...Baseball games...rooftop decks....drunk folks...homeless folks....what a
b-e-a-utiful city.

Seriously, it is a beautiful city, if you can look past the actual "city" of it. We spent a week at the Hilton Downtown Baltimore. Camden Yards, home to the Orioles was in our "back yard". We watched the second of a three game series between the Orioles and the Yankees from the deck on the 4th floor. It was awesome. The Yankees completely decimated The O's all 3 games. Sigh. It rained for the 2nd game so the fans were not out in force.

The traffic was incredible. After living in the South for the last 2 years, I had a hard time getting the car over 65. City driving was obnoxious. You cut me off, I'll cut you off...and so on and so on. It's kinda fun to cut off a bus. Not.

On my way out of Baltimore to visit my brother, in Abingdon, I used my GPS, a little TOMTOM unit. Let me tell ya, wanna take the scenic route? Use your TOMTOM. I don't mean the idyllic scenic route. I mean The Wire scenic route. I think I went down every street and through every neighborhood on that show. The "you don't belong here" streets. Yeah. And I managed to get all screwed up on the roads and ended up driving through alleys at speeds not meant for driving through alleys. It really kinda p'd me off. Why are there neighborhoods where you can't even drive down the street without worrying if you are gonna get carjacked or worse? I'm gonna stop because this is info for a whole 'nother post. Suffice it to say, I made it out of there and back again.

My sister-in-law made us some great lasagna and we were able to visit with my newest nephew Danny. I didn't have the capability to take pics but my youngest did so I have to transfer them from her camera. My little brother, who always did his laundry at my house..let me use his washer. He's so awesome! Thanks Bro!

We were able to visit with some very good friends of ours..more like an extended family. They are so awesome! Mallu Mom & Crucian Dad fed us some incredible Haitian Griot with Black Rice. I even tried her brussel sprouts! My first time. Ummmm..they were...Brussel Sprouts. The kids got to stay over for 2 nights and were really bummed to leave. This is just an awesome family.

We all went to Mass on Wednesday at Fort Meade. It was good to see and talk to folks I knew when I was there. Such good good people.

Thursday was National Zoo day. We made the drive down into D.C. (by this time I was used to driving like a Mario Andretti and cutting in where I need to. That's why we have bumpers right?) Baltimore is crazy driver city, but D.C. is crazy drivers accompanied by construction on every street and lights on the corners not over the road. Ha Ha. I had one eyeball going left and one going right. Maybe that's why that city is so screwy!

We met up with Mau and her kids (another real treat for mine) and spent 4 hours up and down the hills of the National Zoo. Panda's were awesome..

Kids had a great time.. Here are some random pics of the kids..

It was so good to see and visit with these two great ladies!

It was a great trip and we are so blessed to have been able to go. Thanks Be to God!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Trip - Part 1 The Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta

Just got back from Baltimore! We spent the last week up there with the hubby, he had a conference and we just got to hang out with friends and family. Yay!

We started the trip at the Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta. It was fantastic! If you have one of these in your area GO! You will not regret it. The talks were amazing, Matt Maher played awesome tunes, the kids rocked out, hubby and I wished we had opted for a seat at the back. It was L-O-U-D!

Finally got our Grace Before Meals Cookbook, Fr. Leo signed it for us and the guys spent about half an hour chatting with him. His talks were out of this world, the teen talk had the kids all pumped up, and the general talk had the adults all pumped up! Go Fr. Leo!

Johnette Benkovic finished her talk with a quote from St. Louis de Montfort. She didn't just read it either, she was on fire! I wish I had video of that talk, you could feel the Holy Spirit in that room during her talk. Amazing!

Fr. Mitch Pacwa was a bit more intellectual, but still a great talk and he blessed the new rosaries we picked up from Rosary Army. We watched Greg and Jennifer Willits as they provided live coverage of the Congress on Sirius Satellite radio.

Aside from all the great talks, vendors and Catholic personalities, the whole reason we were there was because of Christ. The Holy Spirit. The Eucharist.

There were at least 50 priests hearing confessions, the Blessed Sacrament Chapel was always full to overflowing. The Knights of Columbus, in all their regalia, guarded the chapel and lead the way during the Eucharistic Processions. The monstrance was beautiful and Christ was breathtakingly present everywhere! I am so thankful we were able to attend.

A couple more random pics from the congress:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A good friend inspired this post.


Main Entry: de·tox
Pronunciation: \ˈdē-ˌtäks, di-ˈtäks\
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Date: 1973

1 : detoxification from an intoxicating or addictive substance
2 : a detox program or facility

— detox verb

"intoxicating or addictive substance"...Facebook? Farmville? Mafia Wars? Blogs? World of Warcraft? Texting? Email? T.V? Radio? Internet?

Whatever it is you are addicted to..detox.

Goes hand in hand with Withdrawal

Main Entry: with·draw·al
Pronunciation: \-ˈdrȯ(-ə)l\
Function: noun
Date: 1749

1 a : the act of taking back or away something that has been granted or possessed
b : removal from a place of deposit or investment c (1) : the discontinuance of administration or use of a drug (2) : the syndrome of often painful physical and psychological symptoms that follows discontinuance of an addicting drug

2 a : retreat or retirement especially into a more secluded or less exposed place or position b : an operation by which a military force disengages from the enemy c (1) : social or emotional detachment (2) : a pathological retreat from objective reality (as in some schizophrenic states)

okay..don't do the whole pathological retreat thing..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random Thoughts

I would love to be able to announce a winner in my giveaway..however there seemed to be no interest in Fatherless and so I'll keep it on my shelf for now. Maybe I should have added chocolate?

It rained all day yesterday. I am looking forward to the sunshine today.

I am reading C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce, for our summer book club here. I've read it before and the urge to read past the designated stopping point is difficult. I want to read the whole thing now. Again.

I am going to try to teach myself Spanish this summer. Well, I'll be learning it with the kids. I am going to get the Berlitz program. Have you all used it or heard about it? Is there another program that's better?


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