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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I wanna..

buy a camera. It's expensive. It's awesome! I just really want it. I am thinking of the 90 day thing..hmmmmm..


Maurisa said...

Me, too!

Sarah Oldham said...

You sound like Rachel . . . a camera of this sort ($$$) is on her wish list! If I got one, I'd probably drop it and make it act wonky (like this $200 number I have).

JFitz said...

Get it! I have a Canon rebel xti, it's beautiful and I love it. I take it everywhere I go, so you'll definitely get your moneys worth. For mother's day my husband even bought me a fish-eye lense that you can have lots of fun with!


Vincenzo said...

Me three

Linda said...

I have this camera. I like this camera. I made a similar "I wanna" about this camera on my blog months before I bought it. If you take the plunge, you will like it too. :)


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