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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things

I was going to sit down and write a beautiful blog post about flowers and blue skies..no not really, but I actually had a few minutes of privacy and silence. No sooner did I click on "New Post", El Bambino started crying. I swear that boy has some kind of telekinetic thing going on. He knows. I mean it. He KNOWS! So, he's up there crying now..getting madder and madder. I suppose my time is up. Oh, my three things!

1. I'm in the process of reading a book to review here. On the Church and New Media. It's very good. I really like it.
2. I want to blog more about my faith. That's coming. Not sure where God will lead me on that one. Adoration is key.
3. I want to just plain blog more. Anyone out there with teens, tweens and babies have tips and tricks to find time to blog when there is no time? Help!

If you didn't know...Jesus waits for you silently in the Tabernacle. Go visit with him in Adoration. Even if you are not Catholic. He wants you there. With all your baggage, with all your kids and with all your love. One hour that will change your life. Guaranteed.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Have You Met Temple?

No, not the religious one. Temple Grandin. The Scientist.
A hidden gem in the vast archives of my Netflix account. I was intrigued by the cover.

A story based on the real life of an autistic woman who becomes one of the top scientists in the humane livestock handling industry.

It begins with Temple on the verge of college and quite happy to remain in highschool. Her desire to be a scientist and also to be with animals, and a supportive high school science teacher spur her on to college. A mother who is beyond patient and full of love for her child who is "different, but not Less" makes this movie heart wrenching but not a tear jerker. Temple's straight forwardness is refreshing and quite often humurous, keeping things light.

Rated PG. One instance of the word "dammit", a scene of bloody bull testicles used to frighten Temple, a scene where masturbation is subtly implied in question. I would recommend for pre teens and older. Great story of the value and preciousness of all life.

Check it out. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lawnmowers, Trains and Yipping Dogs

So, put the babe to rest...all is right with the world..
Tip toe downstairs, sit to grade the latest efforts of his siblings
Outside, the crazy neighbor, home early on a Monday..feels compelled
Fires up the blasted lawnmower

Babe cries. He does not appreciate lawn maintenance.

Soothe, rock. Cuss. Babe sleeps.

Lawnmower man creeps too closely to far neighbors fence
Sets off three yipping shnauzers caged outside

Babe cries. He does not care for yipping doggies.

Soothe, rock. Pray. Babe sleeps.

Freakin coal train passes blasting horn ridiculous.

Babe cries. So does mom.


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