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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lawnmowers, Trains and Yipping Dogs

So, put the babe to rest...all is right with the world..
Tip toe downstairs, sit to grade the latest efforts of his siblings
Outside, the crazy neighbor, home early on a Monday..feels compelled
Fires up the blasted lawnmower

Babe cries. He does not appreciate lawn maintenance.

Soothe, rock. Cuss. Babe sleeps.

Lawnmower man creeps too closely to far neighbors fence
Sets off three yipping shnauzers caged outside

Babe cries. He does not care for yipping doggies.

Soothe, rock. Pray. Babe sleeps.

Freakin coal train passes blasting horn ridiculous.

Babe cries. So does mom.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

I sympathise with your neighbour noise problems - and pray for you.

The other day, late at night, the neighbour left his dog barking in his back garden all night. It was very disturbing.

I finally got up; went out in my garden and somehow managed to get his dog into my garden; where he continued to bark all night.

Let's see how my neighbour likes that !!!

God bless.

Dawn said...

Thank you Victor. Don't you wonder if you can hear the dog, can't his owner? Makes you wonder why they ignore it. I always need the prayers. I usually don't cry so easily, but lack of sleep weakens me.


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