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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life's A Gas

The Ramones had no idea how true this would be for El Bambino. He's full of it. Gas, I mean.

The boy nurses like a racehorse! Not that I know what a racehorse nurses like..do thy even nurse? i don't think so...but what I mean is, he's fast. He gulps and smacks. There's no "quietly" nursing this guy.

I've read the book, the blogs, the forums. We've latched, un-latched an re-latched again. I've used the cradle hold, the football hold, nursed sitting up and lying down. I've dropped the beans and broccoli, even the occasional chocolate. All to no avail.

Life is just a gas right now.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Biblical Walk Through The Mass - A Review

A few months ago I was sent this book to review for The Catholic Company. I've been reading and re-reading it since.

Dr. Edward Sri has brought the Mass home to me. In an easy to read format, using references from Scripture and The Church Fathers, he has opened the door to the Mass in a new and enlightening way.

With the new Roman Missal heading our way this Advent, I wanted to try to understand how the changes would affect me and my family and our worship. This book has shed new light on how we pray the Mass. It is a prayer, the Greatest prayer, and for far too long I was just reciting the prayers without much thought. The words were coming out but my heart was not in it and, here's the thing, I didn't even know it!

Dr. Sri's book has helped me find the meaning in the prayer. I've discovered a richer, fuller participation in the Mass than I have ever had and I don't even have to leave my pew.

This book will open your eyes and your heart to the way you pray the Mass. Pick it up today at The Catholic Company.


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