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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life's A Gas

The Ramones had no idea how true this would be for El Bambino. He's full of it. Gas, I mean.

The boy nurses like a racehorse! Not that I know what a racehorse nurses like..do thy even nurse? i don't think so...but what I mean is, he's fast. He gulps and smacks. There's no "quietly" nursing this guy.

I've read the book, the blogs, the forums. We've latched, un-latched an re-latched again. I've used the cradle hold, the football hold, nursed sitting up and lying down. I've dropped the beans and broccoli, even the occasional chocolate. All to no avail.

Life is just a gas right now.


Maurisa said...

Is it making him fussy? You could try homeopathic tummy ease drops. Boys are such greedy nursers! LOL!

Sarah Oldham said...


Dawn said...

Maurisa, yes yesyes!he is very fussy,even while nursing. then he'll just cry..but not colic..he calms down only at the breast. its a vicious circle. still trying to get ahandle on it

Our Family said...

I miss those noises!


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