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Monday, May 9, 2011

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

This was March 18th, 2011.

Life, as I had been experiencing it, changed completely. Instead of being a mom to 4 older children, I am now mom to 4 older children and one newborn. This doesn't sound like much until you begin to add up all that it means.

Older children make breakfast for themselves, newborns wake mom up for breakfast. :)
Older children wash and fold their own laundry, newborns wear diapers that sometimes leak because a sleepy mom put it on all wonky at 2 am and need to have their onesie changed and washed by sleepy mom.
Older children clean up their own rooms, newborns make no messes, but sleepy mom just tosses those cleaned onesies on the chair instead of putting them in the drawer and has to clean up babies room now.
Older children can ride their bikes and walk next to mom, newborns are pushed in a stroller or carried by mom who now realizes how out of shape she really was!
Older children say "Let's go on a field trip" and we do. A newborn says "Let's go on a fieldtrip after you feed me, put on a clean diaper, get the baby bag together, put the stroller in the car, oh yeah and feed me again please..Now I need a new diaper..don't worry we'll get there..next week"

I am not complaining, I love my lil' bambino more than I can even express and my older children love him too.

I have been a mom to older children for a while and now must relearn how to be a mom to a lil' one. It's a much different world.

My 16 yo stares at me like I'm crazy when he catches me baby talking to El Bambino. They have each taken to him in their own ways. I can see in my girls the beauty of nurturing and in my boys,the fathers they may one day be.

El Bambino has brought much to our family. Because of the gift of his life, our lives have been renewed. Thanks be to God.


Maurisa said...

Boy do I ever hear you, sister!

Sarah Oldham said...

Darling girl, you are a fantastic mom and God saw to it to let you have another go on another one of His special creations! You are a blessing every bit as much as he is. I just love reading your thoughts on this, because I hear your JOY in this . . .even though you are rusty and probably a bit worn out! LOL!! Hugs and Aloha.


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