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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Trip - Part II Baltimore (Bawl-Mer)

Ahhhhhhhh...downtown Baltimore...the sounds (cars driving past, ambulances chasing behind..fire trucks enroute, sirens blaring!) Ahhhhhhhhhh....Hilton Baltimore....Camden Yards...Baseball games...rooftop decks....drunk folks...homeless folks....what a
b-e-a-utiful city.

Seriously, it is a beautiful city, if you can look past the actual "city" of it. We spent a week at the Hilton Downtown Baltimore. Camden Yards, home to the Orioles was in our "back yard". We watched the second of a three game series between the Orioles and the Yankees from the deck on the 4th floor. It was awesome. The Yankees completely decimated The O's all 3 games. Sigh. It rained for the 2nd game so the fans were not out in force.

The traffic was incredible. After living in the South for the last 2 years, I had a hard time getting the car over 65. City driving was obnoxious. You cut me off, I'll cut you off...and so on and so on. It's kinda fun to cut off a bus. Not.

On my way out of Baltimore to visit my brother, in Abingdon, I used my GPS, a little TOMTOM unit. Let me tell ya, wanna take the scenic route? Use your TOMTOM. I don't mean the idyllic scenic route. I mean The Wire scenic route. I think I went down every street and through every neighborhood on that show. The "you don't belong here" streets. Yeah. And I managed to get all screwed up on the roads and ended up driving through alleys at speeds not meant for driving through alleys. It really kinda p'd me off. Why are there neighborhoods where you can't even drive down the street without worrying if you are gonna get carjacked or worse? I'm gonna stop because this is info for a whole 'nother post. Suffice it to say, I made it out of there and back again.

My sister-in-law made us some great lasagna and we were able to visit with my newest nephew Danny. I didn't have the capability to take pics but my youngest did so I have to transfer them from her camera. My little brother, who always did his laundry at my house..let me use his washer. He's so awesome! Thanks Bro!

We were able to visit with some very good friends of ours..more like an extended family. They are so awesome! Mallu Mom & Crucian Dad fed us some incredible Haitian Griot with Black Rice. I even tried her brussel sprouts! My first time. Ummmm..they were...Brussel Sprouts. The kids got to stay over for 2 nights and were really bummed to leave. This is just an awesome family.

We all went to Mass on Wednesday at Fort Meade. It was good to see and talk to folks I knew when I was there. Such good good people.

Thursday was National Zoo day. We made the drive down into D.C. (by this time I was used to driving like a Mario Andretti and cutting in where I need to. That's why we have bumpers right?) Baltimore is crazy driver city, but D.C. is crazy drivers accompanied by construction on every street and lights on the corners not over the road. Ha Ha. I had one eyeball going left and one going right. Maybe that's why that city is so screwy!

We met up with Mau and her kids (another real treat for mine) and spent 4 hours up and down the hills of the National Zoo. Panda's were awesome..

Kids had a great time.. Here are some random pics of the kids..

It was so good to see and visit with these two great ladies!

It was a great trip and we are so blessed to have been able to go. Thanks Be to God!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation, baseball, time with family...what a blessing!!

Anonymous said...

The trip was awesome. Friends, relatives, crazy, drunk drivers, ahhh, the city. Go Yanks!


Sarah Oldham said...

Great schtuff!
Hey, I put in for winning the purse at Allison's so if I win (by a long shot), you win. Yes, I'd be sending it to you! Love ya and good luck to both of us!!!!

Jenny said...

Wow, what an eventful trip! I'm stopping in from Allison's blog at Titis Tuus...hello!

Our Family said...

It was great to see you all!


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