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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One Hot Date!

Thank you! Thank you! to a dear friend who recommended this movie to me. I went on a date with my hubby tonight and watched it. Phenomenal! Great movie, great message. I highly recommend this movie to all who believe in the sanctity of Marriage!


Journey of Truth said...

Hey, Dawn. My new handle: http://cuppajoe2go.blogspot.com

I deleted my old blog as I had been discussing with you forever and a day. I've gone anew to begin again.

See you tomorrow!

Suzanne said...

Great movie, I've heard. I plan to go and see this and hopefully with a daughter or two! Glad you liked it!

Journey of Truth said...

I'll get it on Netflix, unless I can see it in another theatre after the MCCW event. I may make it a hot date, too!


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