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Monday, September 22, 2008

Out of gas?

You drive up to the pump and it's empty. No gas. This is happening around the U.S. Where I live, the one station that has gas is limited to 10 gallons a transaction. So what do we do? Can Americans change their habits? I think we can. I see more and more folks riding bikes to work, walking to the grocery store with wagon and cooler in tow.

I saw an interview last night on a prominent cable news network. A reporter asking regular folks on the street, how do they handle the gas shortage and spike in prices? The answer was consolidate trips or buy a smaller car.

Matthew Modine, the actor, is encouraging bike riding. How long since you've been on a bike? I tried that the other day, whew..showed me just how out of shape I am. Wait a minute, this could be a good thing! Save money on gas and get in shape too! I may have to give it another try.

Would you be able to function without a car? What about your kids? It's fall now, there are football practices, cheerleading, Scouting and band practices to get to. How would not having gas affect your life? What changes would you need to make and are we Americans willing to make them? I am going to try. The grocery store is not far from where I live, the library is close and so is the post office. All within walking or riding distance. I could even walk or bike to my work.

Make it a family challenge. Take the kids and the wagon to the grocery store for your next visit. Can we make it "on our own two feet"?

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