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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Survey Says...?

Did you watch the Presidential debate on Friday night?

After watching, listening to the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC and FoxNews, I am not surprised that there is no clear "winner" of this debate. Both candidates showed their strengths and weaknesses.

What I found interesting was Barack Obama either agreed with or conceded that McCain was right at least 6 times during the debate.

What I found funny was McCain's comment in response to Obama talking about attacking Pakistan. "You don't say that out loud!". I laughed pretty heartily at that one.

At times it looked like McCain was schooling a new student to government. Obama forgot his bracelet and the name of the soldier on it. Oops. McCain couldn't pronounce Ahmadinejad.

Over all, I found it to be interesting to see the two together. I liked McCain's passion, I found Obama to be confident but lacking substance. I am eagerly looking forward to the VP debate, that could be the deciding factor in this race. I hope it's got more fire than this one had.

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Journey of Truth said...

I can't say or spell that Ambahmadejseha town/city either!


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