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Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Reason to Homeschool

Kids in Racine, Wisconsin get the Obama indoctrination course this year. One of their textbooks contains a chapter about Obama called "Dreams from my Father". There's no use in calling the school and it's district irresponsible for allowing this. Of course, the publisher, McDougal Littell Literature, an arm of Houghton Mifflin, will not include this chapter in their 2009 versions. Ugh. Just a preview of what is to come if this man get's into a position of power.
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Therese said...

I am so glad I don't teach in a public school anymore!

Cassie said...

Oh for Heaven's sake! It's like George Orwell's 1984.

Dawn said...

Right on Cassie. It is exactly like 1984. There were quiet a few writers who knew exactly where we were headed. Therese, I think it's a shame that teachers are put into the situations that they are today. We need good teachers here in the US and there are many, but unfortunately they are subject to the same indoctrination that the states and fed gov. wish to brainwash our children with. We can turn this country around. Folks like you and others who blog on this stuff or just talk about it with friends. We need to come together and stand up to this type of flagrant indoctrination. Thanks for your comments ladies.

Therese said...

oh my. Just today I was talking with my husband about liberal women who don't have their own children so they want to get ours at a young age to pass on their beliefs and stomp ours in the ground. Not going to happen.

Journey of Truth said...

I read somewhere that these dingdong "pro choice" folks will eventually vote themselves out of existence. Still. WE HAVE TO COME TOGETHER . . . this is a Spiritual Fight! Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us!!


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