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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just To Be Clear

I need to make a clarification. I am strongly against abortion. I have posted here that it is, what I consider to be, an effective genocide in America and the world. What I have failed to mention and must correct now, is that I do not condemn the women who have stepped into those clinics and had an abortion. Although the act of abortion is intrinsically evil, I understand that we, as humans, are susceptible to it on all levels. I don't know what drives women to abortion. I do know there is forgiveness for those who seek it.

What I abhor and stand up against are those that would tell America that abortion is okay. That is good for our country and good for the world. Even worse are those who say they would not have an abortion, but say it's okay for anyone else. Hypocritical thinking.

Father, we ask for healing for the mothers and fathers who have sought and obtained abortions. We pray that, in your Divine mercy, you will forgive them and comfort them in their sorrow. We pray for all those who stand by idle, who do nothing to stop the evil that is abortion. We pray for those who would overlook the evil of abortion in favor of other political or ideological issues.

If you are seeking healing after an abortion click here: Project Rachel

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