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Monday, October 13, 2008

They Lived!

Incredible stories of LIFE! Choose it every time!

Amy's Story:
In September of 1975, a woman discovered that she was pregnant. Things were very difficult for her, as she was raising two sons, six and 15 years old. Their father had walked out on them and refused to help care for the boys financially, or in any other way. The only alternative for this woman, it seemed, was to abort this unexpected baby. After all, she could barely afford to feed the children she already had.
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Gianna's Story:
Gianna's biological mother was 17 when she had a saline abortion in her third trimester. After being burned alive for approximately 18 hours in the womb from the saline solution, Gianna was delivered alive in a Los Angeles County abortion clinic.

Sarah's Story:
My mother's choice was my death sentence. My mother Betty had an abortion in November 1970. A few weeks after that, she was sitting at home reading when the book on her stomach began to bounce up and down. That's when she knew she was still pregnant ..with ME!


deb said...

Amazing! I had never heard any of these stories before.God must have great plans for these people.

+JMJ+ said...

You've got a great blog, important topics.

God bless you for your witness.


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