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Thursday, October 16, 2008

TSK! Come on!

This is a cryin' shame. Unfortunately, it's not surprising. I'm not a Howard Stern fan however, he did this piece that is umm..no words, friends, no words. The level of ignorance is utterly embarrassing. Are these the folks ACORN has been signing up?

H/T: A Broader Mark


+JMJ+ said...

I had heard this yesterday and just couldn't believe it!

America is bewitched.

Journey of Truth said...

I mean, can I swear at all here? Just kidding. The sad truth is, I am not surprised at the level of ignorance and follow the leader mentality in this country. Very few actually follow the debates or the campaigning to begin with - it's the voters listening to whomever and jumping on the populartiy bandwagon. SO SCARY!!

And you know what? Kuddos to those who say it like it is: "I'm voting for Obamam 'cos he's black." I have no problem with the truth.

I voted McCain/Palin, but you already know that.


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