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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Are We Ready to Vote?

Raymond Arroyo, over at Seen and Unseen, gives us a good shaking this morning. What made me mad, was that he's right. We are being "entertained" this election. All this so called news about the economy has no real substance. It's sound bite after sound bite. The debates were a joke. Neither candidate was very clear and the questions asked were very weak. I've seen better high school debate tournaments.

So, Raymond challenged me this morning. I am rising to the challenge. I have read the Federalist Papers. The Papers were created by our founding fathers and outline how our government should work and why. I am adding this to my required reading.

I'll also be adding this to my homeschooling curriculum.
Thanks Raymond!

Federalist Papers


Journey of Truth said...

Okay, I am going to read them, too, but bloody heck, I have been reading and reading about this election and stuff connected to it that my eyes are going to pop out. :-)

Dawn said...

JOT, we should have learned about this in the fabulous public schools we attended, but for some reason we didn't. Our country has gone through many needed changes and reforms since our Founding Fathers set up government, however it is very important to understand our foundation in order to see where we are now.

Cassie said...

Okay, I'll try to read them, but only because you and Raymond asked me to. :-) I can't promise I won't nod off though - Halloween left me pooped! Speaking of the economy, I actually saw a comment somewhere today (who knows where now, I've read so much) that someone actually said, "Who cares about Obama's ties to Ayers when the economy is so bad" REALLY? Who cares about a presidential candidate's ties to an unrepentant terrorist? Um, okay...


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