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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday Or Not?

It's coming! How low will they go? Wanna flat screen T.V? That seems to be the hot ticket item this year. Of course, you could stand in long lines at 3 am in the morning to try and be first one it at Best Buy or Circuit City. I've been there a few times. Never did get in early.

I like shopping, so standing in long lines with the expectation of a fabulous deal is not usually a detraction for me. However, this year I don't feel like it. The economy is in the tank and I'm tired. I don't want to stand in line! I don't want to get up at O'dark thirty to get there first..(and I'm never first anyway, someone else always gets up even earlier, God Bless 'em). So, I was resigned to just watching it on T.V. Which stores had the biggest rush? Wal-Mart? (usually) Where were the fights over the last hot toy? Wal-Mart? (usually)

Then I opened my email today and I have a message..Black Friday Blues no more. Great deals, no long lines. The email was from Amazon. Now, I don't usually shop online. But I got to thinkin' that Black Friday sounds much better in my jammies with some hot steamin' coffee and a lap quilt.

I think that's where I'll be headed on Friday morning. Just to keep in the spirit of things I'll have my oldest get up early to make the coffee.


Journey of Truth said...

Doesn't your coffee maker have a timer built into it? For goodness sake, set the timer and let the old boy sleep in. :) *wink* I remember, didn't your mum come down and go Black Friday shopping with you a few times you lived up here? I always think folks that do that are insane. There's never anything I want that badly. Although, Kohl's is selling all sizes of down comforters for under $40 . . . tempting, but not a need. I think I'll be skipping this again.

Dawn said...

yeah..when we get together for Thanksgiving it is a tradition for the ladies to head out earl-I in the mornin' and shop shop shop. This year, as my mom and sis are far far from me..I'd rather shop online. My oldest makes me coffee sometimes and it always makes me happy..it's always a surprise from him.

Journey of Truth said...

I know if was more about getting out with your dear mum. Okay, and the insanely good deals. I can't blame you for that. And, I don't. I am sorry you can't do that this year. Can you twist your bro's arm? Love ya!


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