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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Weekly Wrap-Up

Wow! What a week! We started our Thanksgiving Break on Monday. We spent the better part of Monday and Tuesday cleaning house, shopping and creating to do lists for Thanksgiving dinner.

Monday we went to my place of business, a small movie theater, and decorated it for Thanksgiving. Tuesday, we tackled the laundry monster. Wednesday that monster threatened to kill me. I started my cooking on Wednesday, as well. I did all the prep work for the dinner on Thursday, cooked the mashed and sweet potatoes and did all the baking. Thursday arrived and we all awoke excited and happy! The bird went in the roaster, the ham went in the crock pot and we decorated the table.

My cousins arrived from the big city around 10:30 and were able to attend Mass with us (this was such a great Blessing, Thank you Thank you! Father T.) Then, my brother and his family arrived, the neighbor came over and we commenced Thanksgiving dinner. It was so much fun to have everyone here and I still cannot Thank The Good Lord enough for the abundance of blessings He has granted our family.

Friday..Friday..Black Friday. I went out with my cousin, she had not been black Friday shopping before.
We went for the "experience". Yeah right. We spent the night before talking and pouring over shopping flyers until nearly 1 am. At 4 am we were up and ready to go. I did find the deals I was looking for and am almost done with my gift shopping!!

The lines and crowds here were long, but very pleasant. Nothing like New York or other places I heard about on the news. I am glad that I went, this is my first Black Friday in this new city and I have to say compared to Baltimore, where I was last year, this was so so much better. The people were just nicer and more laid back. Most folks just stood around talking about what they were looking to purchase and we all had coffee..it was a very pleasant and not hectic, chaotic experience.

Aaaaaaaand....that's the weekly wrap folks!

I need my coffee!!!


Journey of Truth said...

Good. Any leftovers? I didn't get much at the barracks 'cos I had to leave and all . . . I'm now starving for all that starch!!

Therese said...

Sounds great! I am still trying to attack the laundry monster-it's winning!

Sam said...

Saw you visited my blog...do I know you? I have gone to Sacred Heart since 2nd grade and used to help run the Father/Daughter dance!!! I have the Catholic Book Publishing co version...any are good, Just find a Catholic one...other Christians read this too! (it is so wonderful) I have been doing my meditations on it online with http://www.ccel.org/ccel/kempis/imitation/imitation.html it is not Catholic but has not taken anything out of it. Keep in touch!!! +JMJ+sam

Kris said...

I am so familiar with that laundry monster. Dangerous entity, that. ;-)

We always go Black Friday shopping, simply because it's something of a family tradition...and the only guaranteed "no kids" shopping day. I think I'm finished for the year. Woo hoo!


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