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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Are You Ready to Laugh Until It Hurts?

Please Please go check out Dave Barry's Year in Review. It is 4 pages long or I would post it here, but oh my, it is so funny that you will flood the house with tears and maybe even literally split open your sides. Please have the phone handy just in case you need 911. Thank God for funny folks like Dave.

Surgeon General Warning: Serious nasal burns could result if drinking carbonated beverages while reading the article below.

Dave Barry's Year in Review


Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

Worth every word! Thanks for sharing!!

Cassie said...

Oh, I read it on Sunday in my Washington Post Magazine. My favorite part is "the media realized this wasn't really an issue when Obama told them that it wasn't reallly an issue..." or something to that effect. I love Dave Barry!


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