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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Love...Exciting and New!

What a wonderful day! We moved to this new town almost a year ago and we have been blessed to be so welcomed with love and sweet southern charm. It is as if we have always been here.

Today we attended a wedding for a young couple from our church. They are the religious education teachers for my oldest son. The wedding was small and absolutely beautiful. The bride was stunning and the groom, so handsome. It is always wonderful to witness the sacrament of Marriage. To see this young, beautiful couple receive this holy sacrament and then receive Our Lord together is breathtaking.

At the reception, although we are new here, we were welcomed with open arms and had the opportunity to meet and make new friends. I cannot stop thanking Our Lord for his blessings upon our family. My middle daughter caught the bouquet and to see her dance her first dance with a boy (not one from our family) was so delightful. One of the more poignant moments was watching her dance with her daddy. I could almost imagine that dance happening on her wedding day. It brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Please join me in keeping Joelle and Brendan in our prayers, for a lifetime of blessed marriage. Brendan will be leaving his young bride next month, as he begins his journey in the US Army. Pray for them, that the Lord will give them the strength, patience and abounding love they will need as a military family.

Thank you to all my readers and prayer warriors out there. A continued Merry Christmas to you all!

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