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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Margie's Moments

This will be a new feature on my blog. Margie has asked to be a contributor and I am glad to have her here. So enjoy another great reflection from Margie.

A mother knows the pain of childbirth.
But she also knows the reward.
I believe that Our Blessed Mother experienced childbirth the way we do. Which is to say that it was NOT a bad experience! Those of us with children have our stories to tell but we always end with "it was worth it". This leads into my meditation on the Nativity. I imagine myself in the stable watching the birth of Jesus. I know what Mary is experiencing. The anticipation, the pain, the anxiety, the joy...
I visualize all those emotions on her face. Joseph experiences the same emotions. Then...Jesus is Born. Mary is holding him - as we mothers held
our first child. She can't stop looking at Him, kissing His little hands, smelling His hair, thinking He is so small and helpless, thanking God for Him, all the things a new mother does.
The bond is intense - we have felt that bond and we know how life changing it is. Jesus was divine - and also human - I think Mary experienced his humanity in childbirth and then the full measure of divine love upon first setting her eyes on Him. All the while - she was humble and mindful of who He was and the loving gift given to her and Joseph.

The usual image in a Nativity is Jesus in a manger surrounded by Mary and Joseph. I prefer to visualize Mary holding Jesus and Joseph holding both of them. A family - together.

Merry Christmas

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