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Monday, December 1, 2008

Oil Change 101 with "The Principal"

The Principal took time out this weekend to teach the boys how to change the oil in the van. Although I was a bit nervous about them going under the car, he reassured me that he had set the blocks and jacks perfectly. It's still scary to watch your kiddo crawl under a 2 ton vehicle on blocks. For some odd reason, I don't get nervous when The Principal crawls under the same 2 ton vehicle. Go figure.


Journey of Truth said...

Because when you get married you say the words, "until death do us part" so it's built in as a reality of death and injury happening . . . it's different with kiddos. :)

Thanks for helping me with the linkys and for encouraging me to call the Arch of the Mil. You're always a great help! Now, pull one or two of those beads on your sacrifice beads!!

Therese said...

That would make me nervous too!


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