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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

It is a beautiful morning. The sun is not yet up and it's not very cold outside. The neighborhood is quiet, the house is quiet, and the coffee is hot. After such a busy day yesterday, this quiet it blessed peace.

I was part of an online seminar last night. It was set up by Walter Crawford at Homeschool Connections and the guest speaker was Maureen Wittman. The topic was Organizing your Homeschool Classroom. Maureen did a great job of presenting the topic and offered some wonderful insight into homeschooling. The seminar was recorded and will be available on Walter's website soon. Check out Maureen's website www.catholictreasury.com for more great resources on homeschooling. Head over to Walter's site and register for the next seminar in January. Danielle Bean will be the guest speaker!

I am gearing up for my battle against the Laundry monster! I must win! There is no option! Today is the day! I will be Victorious!

My daily Affirmation: Today I will make the Christmas mice, the merengue snowmen, the chocolate chip and the pecan sandies!

I am moving really fast through The Divine Office for Dodo's. I love the bookmarks and ribbons. I am getting it! Yeah! Although it's difficult to follow directions and go as slow as the author recommends. I understand it's essential if I want to be successful.

Wow..this is a long post..wow! Okay..I can hear the laundry monster growling at me..I will have my son draw a picture of it for you. I just can't...bear...to ...look!

Hey! He's almost here! Our Lord is on the way! Oh...Wow!!!! I can't hardly wait!


Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

You might want to hang back on your coffee, love. Just kidding! Hugs, Sarah

Dawn said...

okay..I don't get it. I guess I need another cup ;)

Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

Because you're like, "wow" and "wow" . . . it's funny!!

Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

Are you paying for the Danielle Bean one? I am going to think about it. Could it end up being free after the fact? If so, how do we find out? Ten bucks is not that much - and it could end up being worth much more than that. Who knows.


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