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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekly Wrap-Up - The Blessed Edition

From The Immaculate Conception to Our Lady of Guadalupe! I love this week. We start the week off at Mass and end it with confession and Mass. All week long our Lady is pointing us to her son. Reminding us to serve Him with humility and love.

Monday morning was spent at Wal-Mart getting a new car battery, it died on Sunday night and my poor hubby had to ride his scooter to work and it was ccccold! I'm glad I bought him the face buff (sorta like a survivor buff) to wear under his helmet. We prayed that it was just the battery and nothing worse and the young, clean cut mechanic who inquired of my husband about joining the Navy, confirmed that we just needed a new battery. Woohoo! Less than a 100 bucks!

Tuesday we worked on book reports and I headed out shopping for the goodies to do Christmas baking.

Wednesday we headed off with the rest of the home school group physics class to the local science center. That was a blast! Literally! We got to freeze balloons with liquid nitrogen and watch them crack apart like glass, we got to make our hair stand up with static electricity. We learned about circuits, virtual reality, flat screen technology and different types of electricity. The kids most loved riding the human gyro. You get strapped in and, using your body movement you can turn yourself in circles and upside down. Makes me queasy looking at it, but the kids absolutely love it!

Thursday, we were blessed to receive a live Christmas tree through the Trees for Troops initiative. There were more than 100 families out at the lot picking out Christmas trees and there are still some left over. In fact, last night my hubby and I learned of a young family who just moved here that didn't have a tree nor a way of getting one. So we picked it up and delivered it for them. This is truly a weekend to rejoice! The goodness of the Lord is overflowing.

Friday, after Mass, we went out car shopping. My hubby just got voted in as Scoutmaster for our boys troop. He's gonna need a vehicle for those camping trips and such. We would like to get a crew cab truck. We looked at a few and nothing seemed to be the right fit. It's in God's hands as we know that He will send us the right opportunity if it is His will. I would truly love to be able to buy my hubby his first Mustang, his dream car, but that will have to wait until a little later. Family first. He's just such a darned good husband and father ya know?!?! I just love that guy!

Whew..it's been a busy one! It doesn't end there. Today we are off to a PLC meeting this morning at 9, Young Marine meeing at 10, play practice at 2 and the Christmas party for the drama club at 4, plus I have to work at 4:30. My hubby will be driving us around like crazy. I guess we do need another car! He just came down in his scout uniform..he looks so cute and official ;)I'll try to post some pictures of this week after they get uploaded..I have to find the darned camera..now where...


Kris said...

Sounds like a great week -- especially the field trip! I bet that was really cool to watch.

Nekey said...

That field trip sounded really fun!!! Sounds like a very full and fun week!

Anne said...

Boy is seems like you and your family had a busy week. Especially with this time of year. But is sounded like alot of good stuff going on. How nice of you and your family to offer that tree to your new neighbors. :-)


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