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Friday, January 9, 2009

Reminders and Reversals

You might be wondering what the heck that title is all about. I'll tackle Reminders first..

- I will do my absolute best to post a reminder
for the Friday fast on
- Remember to catch yourself up to date on FOCA.
Just a few days now until Obama gets the
chance to make it happen. Know the Facts!
- Love your neighbor as yourself.
(I had to throw that one in
there, your "neighbor" includes your children)

Now Reversals..This is where I need all you prayer warriors out there. About 6 years ago my husband had the big V. (vasectomy) I don't recommend sterilization in any form. There is nothing like losing your fertility. There is nothing like losing it without your consent.

Well, then (and God is soooo good) he had a conversion experience and was accepted into the Catholic Church. As soon as he confessed his vasectomy I could feel the graces begin to flow back into our marriage. Ever since then, we have been looking into, researching, sidestepping and beating around the bush about a reversal. He was told by his doctor at the v. appt. that it was highly unlikely he could get a reversal and that it would work. He was also told that it was major surgery and in some cases life threatening. All of this served to put up a wall around him. I don't blame him at all..it was pretty scary stuff.

Then..we moved..we came to this good ol' great South and I met this great group of ladies and ended up in San Antonio on a women's retreat. On my knees in front of the first class relics of St. Therese of Lisieux, in the most beautiful basilica dedicated to her, I asked her for her intercession in this matter.

When I returned home, my husband tells me, as he was setting his regular doctor's appt.'s, he went ahead and scheduled a referral to urology to see if about a reversal. Come to find out, he made this call the same day I was on my knees having a serious conversation with The Little Flower. (She has completely won me over)

To make a very long story short, my husband is scheduled to have a reversal on Jan 29th. Please pray that it is successful and he suffers no complications. Whether or not a new baby comes from this(but I sure do hope it does) I am so thankful to St. Therese for her intercession and to God for His mercy and love in allowing us the opportunity to raise more flowers for His garden.

Thank you in advance for your prayers for my hubby. And for sticking through to the end of this post!



Therese said...

What a wonderful conversion story! I will be praying...You know I am a fan of the Little Flower!

Sarah (JOT) said...

Yup - I need those reminders to fast. We spoke about your hubs bidnez on the phone and you know I think it's great. What a blessing! You have my prayers - all of you!!

Sarah (JOT) said...

Oh, I put a new post up just for your hubby (and kids). Hope you haven't seen it before so it gets full impact.
Love ya!

scmom (Barbara) said...

What a beautiful change of heart! Prayers for all of you.

regan said...

....yeah, dawn, i am not really seeing you as one who would choose a porn star as your dream job.....unless that's why your husband had the vasectomy..???=)
i'll pray for you both. my son's godfather is a catholic urologist who does reversals for free-his part/not the hospital stay-and this is something very dear to his heart after performing them for years, not being a faithful catholic.
i am sure all will be well.


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