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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saints and Silence

has told me the Saints she was inspired to choose for me.

St. Angela Merici
and St. Gianna Beretta Molla.
I have lots of reading to do to discover these holy women. Thanks JMJ!

I was speaking with JOT on the phone earlier about prayer. I have always had difficulty praying rote prayers in my mind..lots of distractions, etc. I have found it's much easier to pray them out loud. During Adoration it is a supreme act of the will to concentrate on Jesus and not say or "think" anything. I began to wonder why this is and if I am the only one who deals with this.

Then I read a post by a young woman who had attended a Latin Mass. She spoke about the difficulty of following along with the language but also that most of the Mass was spent in silence.

That's where it hit me. I am a Novus Ordo Catholic. I've only been to one Latin Mass in my life, as an adult. I was born and raised on the N.O. I realized that I had no experience with praying and worshipping in silence. The N.O. Mass is filled with songs and responses by the congregation. There is not a whole lot of quiet time. I had learned how to pray out loud.

I don't even really know where this is going but I thought it was interesting and wondered if anyone else had thought of this?

Cheeky Pink Girl: I Went To My First Latin Mass


Mau said...

I'm a convert and I have the same problem. I have a hard time focusing and also a difficult time keeping track of my rote prayers if prayed in silence. While I agree this is at least in part because we are used to praying out loud and with all the music and responses in the NO I think there are other things to blame as well.

We live in a very noisy world in general. We have constant noise, from television, radio, appliances, phones, etc. We have completely lost the ability to remain in silence for any extent of time. We really do need to retrain ourselves to be silent and to be in silence.

If anyone has any suggestion on how to retrain ourselves in silence, I'm all ears ;-) Seriously, though I have thought of this frequently over the years. Why do I have such a hard time with interior prayer and what can I do to become better at it?

Sarah (JOT) said...

All I can say is (ahem, slap me if you wish): I'll pray for you both!!!!


Charlotte said...

Thanks for the link!


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