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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Ad They Don't Want You To See

Every year millions of dollars are spent on 30 second ads during the Super Bowl. Teams of people spend all year racking their brains to come up with an ad that will top last years. An ad that will inspire Americans to purchase their products. An Ad that will garner the most praise and the top honors as the Ad of the year. 30 seconds, folks. This is the most important ad of the year for some companies.

However, there is one ad you will not see this year. One ad that NBC refused to show. One ad that could actually benefit Americans.

NBC says this ad is too political. They don't support ads that involve political advocacy or issues. Now, to be fair, PETA (a very political group) proposed a commercial and NBC objected to it on the grounds that is was too sexually aggressive. BUT they were given the option to amend their commercial and still be considered for the spot.

Wouldn't PETA be considered a group involving political advocacy and issues? Why do they get a second chance.

You decide.

Here's the ad you won't see on NBC:

Here's the PETA Ad: (This is quite racy. Please be advised)

'Veggie Love': PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

You can write NBC at victoria.morgan@nbc.com and voice your opinion.

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