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Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Coming - Do Something Now!

The pro-abortion folks are currently readying themselves to remove, bit by bit, all barriers to killing children in the womb.

In the works and being reported on Fox News, President Obama will soon be rescinding the "conscience" rule. This rule allows for medical professionals to opt out of performing abortions because of a moral objection.

In essence, Obama and his crew from Planned Parenthood, NOW and all others who think it's okay to kill a child (and if you don't think it's a child take a look at the 4D ultrasounds on my sidebar) in the womb at any stage of development including up to the 9th month of pregnancy, are going to try and force medical professionals who have a valid moral objection to performing an abortion into becoming accomplices in murder.

His crew says it's because the rule could give grounds to drug stores to not distribute contraceptives to women. If you didn't know, The Pill is an abortifacient. It is not a pretty little package with a small pill you swallow every day. You can actually get pregnant on the pill..you won't have the baby because the pill and it's combo of hormones creates a hostile environment in your womb. Also in my sidebar is more information on the pill.

The most pro-abortion leadership ever. How many children have to be murdered in what is supposed to be the safest place for them, their own mothers womb? It is an outrage.

Now they want to force others to do the killing for them. It's gruesome. Inform yourselves. Rescinding this rule is forcing others to murder against their will, no doubt.

This rule will be open to comment from the people before it is rescinded. Please contact your congressman and Senators immediately and tell them you are against the rescinding of this rule.


Rita said...

Great post, very informative. Most people don't know that about the pill.

Suzanne said...

Thank you for informing me on this..I have cut back on the news since the election to give my nerves, stomach, and brain a break, but one cannot break for long in this world which is being in a hostile environment in and of itself with the likes of people against life! I will contact our people in Indiana..we have one Evan Bayh..you know how that will go, don't you? Still, we have to speak up and clearly stand for Christ and His very least!
God bless you! Suzanne

Patrick Ocaining said...
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