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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunshine On My Shoulder...

makes me happy. So the song from John Denver goes.

We are back in the good ol' South. I must say I have come to love this place. Thanks be to God for a safe return. We are back with a vengeance! On our way back we decided that it's about time we start thinking of settling and the hubby wants to settle here. I am quite happy to oblige. After being in San Diego for two weeks, the traffic, the masses...it's so quiet here. Not that we didn't love our vacation, it was beyond wonderful. I think we are just in love with the simpleness of life here.

I will miss the ocean, the beaches, and of course my sister and her family. I wasn't on the plane for 5 minutes before the heartbreak of leaving them set in. I hope they will be able to make the trip to visit us before too long.

My sister gave us great info on buying a house and that stuck with my hubby. He's serious. We even went out yesterday and looked at two of them. We just got in yesterday morning!!!

I'm have a lot of learning to do! Thank goodness one of my bestest friends in the whole world is a real estate agent! :) I will be calling her today to try and break through my learning curve.

I have tons of pictures to go through from our vacation and when that's set I'll post some more. If you get a chance to visit Southern California, take it.

As a military family, we were fortunate to have use of a private beach and we spent hours there. The sand is literally golden! It shines like a newly polished wedding ring in the sun and leaves these little golden flecks on your skin. I am firmly convinced God created beaches like this for the times when life just gets too crazy!

Pelicans, dolphins, whales, seals and surfers stud the beautiful blue ocean horizon. The roar of the sea is deafening and relaxing at the same time. That same roar is deceptive as you expect a crash of waves yet receive a gentle lapping at your feet as the waves make their way to the shore.

The skimmers run along the shoreline picking at sand dollars and hermit crabs. Mr. Pinch found the complete shell of a crab washed up on the shore. She was so excited!

Starfish skeletons, sand dollars, and clam shells abound. It's beauty that is beyond compare.

Today we are back to school and work. God's blessings have filled us up in the last two weeks and I know we will finish school with a spring in our step and a smile on our faces.

Blessings to you all!!


Sarah (JOT) said...

Yeah, I knew you'd hatch a plan to FORCE me back there one day. Sure, buy a house there and settle in, make me come back there . . . YOU GUYS, in my opinion (okay, and the redheaded woodpeckers) are the only redeeming thing about that particular town. Period.

Aside from that, I think it's great you want to settle down. We have talked about if we like HI will we stay . . . Chief was like, "yeah, I mean, if you really like it." Hmmmmmm. I may be a coconut beach babe after all. We'll see. Gotta get there first. It's there, the sheep farm in England or MN.

Cassie said...

Glad you are back safe! It sounds like a lovely trip. You made me long for the beach. Thanks for sharing your photos in the post above! :-)


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