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Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Has Lost It's Family Flair

I am an American Idol fan. My family and I have watched every season together. Except this one.

The auditions, after season one, have consistently gotten more and more outlandish. Language and sexuality taking precedence over comedic value. This year was no exception. The audition battle between Kara Diogaurdi and Bikini Girl was so base and unappealing, we started screening every episode after that. Now the kids only watch the episodes after we have approved them.

Halfway through the season, Flo Rida was brought out to sing their song "Right Round", with lyrics such as "You spin my head right rough, right round/ when you go down, when you go down down." As well as references to strip club dancers and pole dancing. To Lady Gaga and her song about Russian Roulette. Idol is forgetting it's family oriented roots.

Last night's finale went too far with Bikini Girl and Dioguardi at it again (great examples for the millions of young girls watching) and the censorship of Black Eyed Peas performance. If you have to censor the song, don't sing it.

What used to be a fun family event has been cancelled because American Idol has forgotten it's core audience and reached for the ratings. Thus falling into the dark and nasty pit that has become prime time television.


Maurisa said...

Agree with you 100 percent. My teens watched a couple of the performance shows, but only during the Idols' performances. We switched off commercials and any other pop performance. We didn't watch any of the the results shows because they tend to be so much more raunchy and racy.

Most of the time we would even just watch the Idol performances online, that way we avoided any innuendo from the judges or Ryan and also avoided Paula's cleavage!

It is obvious, teen America is the target audience for this show. Why can't they keep it clean and family friendly?

Sarah said...

I've only caught clips - very little of that - this season. I watched one season back when that harmonica guy won. After that, we lost interest.

I'm going to call you as soon as things settle a bit here. :) Did you get your packet yet?

Cassie said...

My kids are still too little to care about American Idol, so just hubby and I watch it, but I agree it's gotten a bit out of hand. He and I have said many times that we probably won't let our kids watch when they get bigger. I was wondering if that was a censoring of Black Eyed Peas or if my Tivo just went blip. I can't imagine why the producers would let them sing that song knowing they would have to bleep it. I also didn't appreciate Kara and Bikini girl. I never watch the audition episodes so I wasn't familiar with that whole thing. Seemed stupid frankly.


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