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Friday, June 19, 2009

Sign on the Dotted Line..This might take a while...

Yesterday we closed on our house! It only took two hours! After 4 months of looking, 2 months of stress with USAA (by the way I'll be doing a post on that soon enough. I have to collect my thoughts, but here's a tip. If you need a mortgage, choose another bank) and 2 hours to sort through the paperwork. Done! We own our own house. Can I get a "Oh Yeah"! Can I get a "Whoo Whoo"!

We are so excited to move in! Of course we pick the hottest days of the year to move in. Today it will be 100 degrees (hotter on the heat index) and tomorrow is calling for 102! Scorchers.

We have some friends helping us move and I am so grateful to them! I will have plenty of powerade and water ready for them! I am getting to the commissary today to stock up and fill our fridge in the new house!

Oh my gosh! I am so excited! There is one couple that we have met, they will be about 4 houses down. They are so nice and I am really looking forward to getting to know them better.

We are in the midst of packing so I have no pictures to post(in my frenzy, I packed the camera :) I got a scowl from hubby for that one :0! Sorry? It was on the counter and the counter was going!

The move starts today and then cleaning and then a yard sale next weekend. My middle son made me some signs "Everything Must Go!" Right on little man, Right on!
Everything must go!!


Maurisa said...

Wow, I'm surprised you had so much trouble from USAA. We have always used them and it has always gone very smoothly. It has been a few years since our needing a mortgage. Possibly their previous high level of competence has diminished?

Congratulations on the house!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Dawn, it has been so long since I have been able to visit. I am so happy about the house it looks beautiful!! A new baby too!! Where have I been?
Sorry about the mortage woes, but I agree with Maurisa, competence is almost unheard of now.
At least it all got sorted through and you have your home. God IS good!

Sarah said...

I hear you on the paperwork. Just to rent it took an hour or so to sign stupid rental papers. It's amazing. And, I had to keep asking questions, like: where are our mailboxes? Where do we park? Do we have a mail key? Nutty things like that.

Oh, well. It's a place to rest our heads for a while. :)

Glad you're all settled and on to new adventures . . . Love ya!!!

Aussie Therese said...

congratulations. Owning a new home is one of the top 10 great feelings.

Moving is stressful but an ideal opportunity to de junk. I will be praying for you over the next couple of weeks as you settle in.

Sarah said...

When you get a chance, will you email me at Sarahs.Journey @ yahoo . com? I want to give you our new private email. :)

Hope your move is going smoothly. I have laid off ringing you up so as to not bother you during this terrific workout!!! :)
Love ya,

Sarah said...

Don't know if you've gotten the Honest Scrap award yet, but regardless, i have just given you the award. Get to it if you want/wish/ whatever. I'm just following the rules of passing it along - and i mean it honestly: love you, love your blog. :) I posted it on my blog today so if you need reference, you can just go to the post on June 25.


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