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Friday, June 12, 2009

So That's Why He's Like That!!!

The Chosen One says to me:

"Mozart makes babies smart. I wish you guys would've played that for me, 'cause half the time I don't even know what anyone's talkin' about."

I laughed so loud that people stared at me.


Mike in CT said...

somebody's been watching the incredibles...

i highly recommend the bonus short of jack-jack vs. kari the babysitter on disc 2.

Maurisa said...

Very funny, somehow I can really picture him saying that:-)

Dawn said...

Mike in CT..did TCO steal a line from a movie!?!?! That rat! Wait until he wakes up..he's in for it now. I thought the kid came up with that one on his own. Duped again! :)

Sarah said...

Ha. You got duped, mama!!!! Hey, our cells are wired . . . you can call me if you want. We are going to the DMV here in a bit to get the car registered (the one we got off Hollenbeck). Then, we'll drive around checking out stuff. Looks like the neighbourhood we want will be available in 1-3 months . . . pray it's in the one month or less range please. Post on your house!
Love ya and miss you!!


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