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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is That Bottled Water or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

The guys over at Men's Health have written an interesting article on bottled water. Is it better outta the tap?

One correction fellows, Dave and Matt say tap water is free..I got news for ya..I get a bill for mine every three months.

But..it is still cheaper than having some gurus at Coke or Pepsi bottle it for me. Why pay twice?

Check it out..The Truth About Bottled Water.


Sarah said...

I want to buy one of those aluminum water bottles they are selling now . . . so I can take it out with me rather than get taken in by the bottled stuff from stores I pass by extremely thirsty! Maybe I'll get a heavy thermus instead. Any suggestions?

Sarah said...

Mahalo for the advice on my blog. I'll keep my eyes open at the Nex next time I've over that direction.

Sarah said...

Oh, btw, Febreze has a new scent out called Hawaiian Aloha. Can you get it there? It's based on the yellow hibiscus and I smell a bit of coconut (not strong, a hint).

Aussie Therese said...

I use to only drink bottled water because I couldn't stand the taste of tap water. Now I only drink tap water. I find that if you leave it for a short time in a jug on the bench that it looses it's yucky taste anyway.


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