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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No More Spin in My Spinner

My most highly favored kitchen implement, my OXO Salad Spinner (yes it is that good and so qualifies for Capital Letters) has stopped spinning. My daughter had dish duty..she (no doubt) lovingly and oh so tenderly hand washed the top spinning portion and placed it on the counter to dry.

Then my middle son picked it up and wah lah! It came apart in his hands! He swears he did nothing to it! He swears that it just fell apart! Something is amiss here. Either the tender loving washing was not so tender and loving or the pick up was bad.

Either way, my OXO spun it's last salad this evening. Ooooh it was sooooo good! I even grilled chicken to put on top. Yum Yum Yummy. Fortunately I have a 20% Bed Bath & Beyond coupon and can replace this irreplacable kitchen implement. It is,after my Kitchen Aid mixer, my favorite tool and after my Pampered Chef chef's knife and bowl scrapers, the most used item in my kitchen.
Farewell my OXO Salad Spinner. You have served this family well.


Maurisa said...

Love, love, love, my OXO Salad Spinner. My favorite small kitchen appliances are #1 my espresso machine, #2 my kitchenaid mixer, #3 my kitchenaid food processor, and then #4 my OXO Salad Spinner. R.I.P to yours!

Sarah said...

I am glad i was on the phone when you discovered the discovers discovery!

I posted on the turtle. :) Hope it makes you LYAO again!!'

Okay, the salad spinner Pampered Chef sells is the best ever. I paid little for it 'cos I used my points . . . I was kicking myself for not putting it in my 1K lb shipment. It has a basket for berries, too.

My fav kitchen gadget? Even if it's cheap and hokey: Mr. Coffee college dorm size coffee maker. Until I get myself something better. After that, my pampered chef knives. I don't know, everything is useful and my fav at that time I'm using it.


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