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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rainbows and Cookies

Well, yesterday was a mighty fine day! I received my package from the Honolulu Cookie Company (the cookies I won from JOT's quiz contest) and at work I was privy to the most fabulous sky transformations.

Yesterday was pretty hot and humid here..we hoped there would be rain. Well it came along about 6:30 pm. The sky went from a nice pale blue to a bruised purple and gray. I didn't get pictures because I was behind the cash register at the theater watching out the window. Then the wind..the crepe myrtles out front were blowing pretty good (everyone quick...roll up your windows..it's a comin') and finally, the rain. Blessed rain. I could hear my flowers and grass singing "Hallelujah!". Best of all I could actually hear my water bill decreasing. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Anyhow, after the rain(and my thanks to God for keeping my water bill low)..I finally got all my customers in and was able to head outside to take a picture of God's handiwork. This is what he painted for me.

Not just one, but two. Side by side. I wished I had a fancy shmancy camera but I don't. I was using my cell phone. They were much brighter in person. Not as lovely as a Hawaiian bow but lovely enough for me. The entire bow was visible in the sky. I just couldn't get the entire bow in my picture. When are they gonna come out with a Nikon D40 on a cell phone?!?!? Come on folks..we need some new thinkers out there!

I also captured this beautiful sky on my way home..it was about 9 pm.

Disclaimer: Do not take pics with your cell phone while driving.
(I only took three pics while driving. I won't do it again. I promise.)
This one came out all weird, but I love it.


Sarah said...

For cell phone pics, they're pretty good! I agree, though, cell phones could use better technology. Yes, please, don't take pictures and drive at the same time.
They passed a law recently (in HI) that no driving w/out hands free sets for cells. Period. I never did drive and chat, but whatever.

Glad you're enjoying the cookies. The coffee ones dipped in white chocolate are so good . . . I hope Davis can wait until your Christmas parcel!!! :) I like the mango ones.

Aussie Therese said...

Great photos.


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