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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Therese's Garden & Other Family Affairs

From Blogger Pictures
As promised, here is a pic of Therese's garden.
The flowers are still small. I planted the Mandevilla and Lilies behind the statue. The Mandevilla is a creeper so it should begin to grow up the trellis. The lilies won't bloom again until next spring. There are two California palms on either side, a knockout Rose bush on the right and a zinnia on the left (looking at the picture). The petunias and geraniums came from Father D. Vinca lines the front (directly behind the brick border). I will take another picture in a few weeks, hopefully we'll have some more growth at that time.
My mom is sending me a beautiful statue of the Blessed Mother to place here as well. Thanks Mom! Hubby will build a niche to place Her.

The Chosen One turned 15 this last week. His latest favorite things: Star Trek and Michael Jackson music. Some things never go out of style.

Pannini turned 11 in the last few weeks. Her latest favorites: webkinz and Mystery Diagnosis on Discovery Health. Got a medical mystery? Ask Pannini. She's got all the answers.

Mr. Pinch helped us take apart the shelves before the move. Watch out Andrew Dan Jumbo and Ty Pennington! Mr. Pinch is going to take over the world one Drill at a time!

Alower prefers to remain behind the scenes. 'Nuf said.


Sarah said...

Alower is kind of like a blend of the two of the parents. Yeah? It depends what is going on?

Everyone looks great and happy be-lated to the birthday kids!

The garden is lovely!! I'm sure the Blessed Virgin will be perfect and I'm not surprised your mum is sending one along.


Aussie Therese said...

Mary will be great in the garden. I often picture Mary holding my little ones that we have lost and being a great mother to them in Heaven.

The garden looks great.

RD said...

What a beautiful beautiful garden!!!!
Please keep updated photos and add them to your blog for us to see the plants grow!


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