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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feelin' Good in the Neighborhood..

My new neighbor stopped by yesterday. It was really nice to chat with her. She brought her youngest daughter by and the girls made fast friends. I think this is so good. You have no idea. Being able to have a friend right down the street is indispensable to me. God is good. Oh Yeah. Hubbies get a long well and that's even better. They are both military and, although different services, they have much in common. It's great to make new friends!

Homeschool group starts next Wednesday! I am supposed to be part of the Entomology lab, however I can't seem to make any of the dern meetings. I have so many other meetings that have been scheduled. Ugh. Homeschool group has been such a blessing . Another rich source of wonderful friends. For me and the kids. Thanks Be to God!

I only have 3 more management classes and then my Tuesdays are free again. This week is going to be busy with class, dentists, retreats, meetings etc. I best get a move on.


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