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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tonight our women's group is having a mini-retreat. We have invited a wonderful woman, Ellen, to come speak about recognizing and using your gifts and talents.

It is the start of our MCCW(Military Council of Catholic Women) group this year. Please keep us in your prayers. I pray that it is successful for the women involved and the parish community.

I am also in the process of creating a mini-retreat area for myself. I have this huge bedroom. On one side is a little sitting area. We have put our couch and love seat there. I am in the process of making it my little prayer spot. A place to go, play some soft music and pray. A small place in my home where I can get away and waste time with Our Lord. Father D. reminded us this Sunday, in our busy days, we waste so much time, make sure we waste some on God.
I loved that.

I have committed myself to saying a particular prayer daily and this really helps. It is a reminder to stop and retreat into Him.

I've even gotten hubby to join me in reading the Bible at night before bed. He's not a fan of sitting in my retreat space. He'd rather sit in bed, but he likes the music :). We are reading Hebrews right now. We take turns reading a couple of chapters a night. I love to listen to him read the bible. I am so thankful that he prays with me.

Have a blessed day!

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