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Friday, October 23, 2009

Catholic Company Book Review: JP2 High: Trespass Against Us

John Paul 2 High: Trespasses Against Us
The Catholic Company

This review was submitted to me by my oldest. He really enjoys the series and is waiting patiently for the next book to come out.

After the recent events in book one, George Peterson in still recovering from the incident with Allie Weaver’s ex-boyfriend, Tyler Getz. George’s conflict with Tyler is far from over, and when Allie starts getting threatening text messages on her cell phone, George immediately ties Tyler to them. But! All is now what it seems! George is stuck between his feelings of revenge and the knowledge that he should forgive his enemies.
This book is full of suspense and mystery. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire read. It left me hungry for the next book in the series. I highly recommend this book to teens! You won't be disappointed.

You can find this book at The Catholic Company.

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Sarah - Kala said...

I can't review the art book I was sent . . . I can't find it!


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