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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fast Girls, Fast Planes & Babe Magnets

This weekend my boys were out at the air show pulling parking lot duty with the Scouts. All fine and good. They were having a great time watching the stunt planes and admiring the Mustangs in the car show.

Apparently there were a few girls who were admiring my oldest as well. He now fancies himself a "babe magnet". He was approached by several girls and even gave out his email address! So..we had the talk about fast girls. The ones, like Rick James said "the kind you don't bring home to mother."

Now, I'm jumping to conclusions here, but I still believe that girls should be asked, not do the asking. Is that so wrong? Am I outta touch?

It kinda takes you back to your high school days..remember your cuties? We did have some good lookin' fella's at my school. So I guess..I'll admit..

I'm sorta proud to be the mom of a "babe magnet". :)


Sarah - Kala said...

I don't think you are totally out of touch. It's nice to be appreciated by a girl (if you're a guy, that is). It's flattering. But remember, with no experience and the way you're raising him, it is unlikely he would get carried away with it. Keeping it in the Catholic perspective goes a long way.

Maurisa said...

Yeow! Have fun with that!

Very funny post, btw.

becomewhatyouare said...

LOL! I like having some "babe magnet" sons, too! :)


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