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Friday, October 2, 2009

Small Successes

It's been a very busy and exhausting week. I think I can safely call these few things "successes".

1. I managed to get 90% of the laundry done. I just went into my oldest sons room. Thank goodness he's camping this weekend or he'd be in a heap a' hot water!
2. We finished week 4 of school.
3. I signed the kids up for bowling league and we actually went!:)
4. We got to daily Mass twice this week! (Feasts of St. Michael & St. Therese)
5. We have successfully prayed the Rosary every school day so far this year!

So, all I want to do now is just relax. My hubby came home from a business trip to Canada and headed straight for scouts. Ugh. I know he didn't want to do it as much as I didn't want him to. He's tired from the trip. He's also committed to those boys and our boys. They were really looking forward to this weekender with Dad. So, off he went. I'll check in with him on Sunday. We'll get a chance to catch up.

Ya'll have a wonderful evenin'!

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