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Monday, October 5, 2009

It's My Crazy Life

Haven't been around here lately. Haven't found the time. I am preparing to go to a ladies retreat on Thursday. I can't wait!
Many good and wonderful things have happened lately though..one of our favorite Priests came back from vacation and is back to saying Daily Mass! We missed him much over the last two months.

My middle boy turns 13 tomorrow! Unbelievable! He is just a hair taller than his momma, but I can still take him! God is so good.

Picked up a ton of books at Borders, encyclopedia type books and a guitar song book for my oldest. The Little Princess for Panini and Little Women (see it, hear it (comes with cd))for Mr. Pinch. Those two are listening now before they head to bed. I like those books with CD, it introduces the classics to them and hopefully will spark a love of good reading.

Tomorrow we will take Mr. Awesome our to dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant. That boy can eat some beans let me tell ya! And we all pay for it too.

I need to head to the Catholic bookstore to pick up some prayer partner gifts for my retreat. It will be a very nice quiet prayer time. I need a good recharge on the ol' batteries.

Speaking of..I'm headed to the big soaker tub to relax a bit tonight. I miss all my friends and family and a hot bath helps rejuvenate me and rid me of the sadness. I just realized I have't talked to my mom in over two weeks! We normally talk every day. I've been so busy and she's been busy with some volunteering. I. Will. Call. Tomorrow!
St. Therese, Pray for us!

1 comment:

Sarah - Kala said...

Geesh, don't tell yer ma that you spoke w/ me or she'll kill me, too! HA! Say "Hi" to her for me!!

Thursday . . . I will so be praying for you to have your cup runneth over!!



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