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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Went for a walk with the dog this morning. Everything was covered in frost. The grass was all crackly when you stepped on it. As I was about to round the corner I was hit with the smell of dryer in the morning! I love that smell. Someone was up early getting some laundering done. It made me happy. The fresh scent of drying laundry provided a warmth in the morning chill. Weird, but true.

Last night the family headed to an assisted living center to sing carols for the residents. We aided the Cub and Boy Scouts as they made their way around the 15 floors(yep, we took the stairs..still feelin' that one) and did a little medley in the lounge.

On the way there, as we practiced in the car, Mr. Big Boy spontaneously broke out in his rendition of O Holy Night. Although we had a good laugh over the high notes, he did a great job and we encouraged him to sing solo at the center. Yeah. Right.

Well, lo and behold, on the day I don't have my camera or video recorder, he gets up and does a dern solo!!! Again, we all had a good laugh at the high note, including him, but everyone loved it and you wouldn't find a prouder mom in all of these dern southern states! Move over Josh Groban!

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Therese said...

I love the smell of the dryer outside as well!


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