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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Babe is Coming!

My sister in law is due on January 1st! So we have two babes to look forward to arriving! Of course, the first is the most important! Just think about..this time (now I know we don't know exactly when..but just go with it) this time 2000 years ago! Mary and Joseph were on their way to Bethlehem. On a donkey in the dessert. Nine months pregnant. I remember being 9 months pregnant in Virginia in the summer. I thought it was hot then. Uh...as the kids say..NOT!.

Rejoice! The babe is on his way!

Mr. Big Boy related to me yesterday, that he was struggling a bit with the notion that Christmas is Christ centered, yet he was really looking forward to the "receiving" part of it. He felt a little guilty, and not sure how to handle the whole Christ vs. materialism thing. If you've got a bit of advice for him, please feel free to leave it here..I know he reads my blog.

Anyhow, we've been on a musical kick..we've watched the following movies this week:

My Fair Lady..Love it! After Scarlett O'Hara, Eliza Doolittle is my favorite character. Gooooooonnnnn! Love those dresses!

West Side Story..great remake of Romeo & Juliet. The kids have not read or seen Romeo & Juliet yet, so they found it quite tragic and sad.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory..the Gene Wilder one. I love it. Pure imagination.

Today we will watch South Pacific. I'll be thinking of Sarah-Kala!
Then we have Carousel and State Fair. A veritable Rodgers & Hammerstein Day!

We'll go to Mass tomorrow I think. The kids want to go to Midnight Mass..we'll see.

Played Scrabble with the boys and whooped all 3. Twice. Got a bingo on the second game with "toasters". Sorry fella's. I'll take ya on anyday!


Sarah - Kala said...

I'm glad you're not the mum who lets the kids win. Whoop it mamma!!!

Mele Kalikimaka!

Okay, that materialism and Christ centered thing? Not easy. I think just keeping it real is key. This is about Christ . . . with borrowed customs from the solstice thing. I think. Anyway, it's time to rejoice in His coming . . . the gifts are like our love for one another in a fraction. Our gifts to each other are more than material - most of them are eternal. What? Well, our courtesy, kindness, things we do for one another are remembered far longer than any material gift, really, but the thought/action/meaning behind the giving. That's the real love. And, of course, the Truest Love is His coming for us. The best gift ever given - if only we would accept it. I like that oldest boy is pondering these things - he'll be just fine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot!


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