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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bless This House

My husband led the family in the traditional Epiphany house blessing this evening after dinner. It was quite touching for me. Mr. Big Boy read from Luke, about Zaccheus and Jesus' meeting. Z just wanted to catch a glimpse of Jesus and he got so much more.

Hubby marked the doors with the blessing "Peace be to this house and all who live here". Then wrote above each door 20+C+M+B+10. In searching for the blessing prayers I found this blog...Perpetual Priest You can click on it to go to the blessing and a quick explanation of what it means. I encourage you to check out the latest entries there, especially the latest homily on this years Epiphany. Wonderful stuff.

God is truly good and truly present in our world. He is here, in my home, tonight! I have just a inkling of what Z must have felt, way back when.


Sarah - Kala said...

I wish we had a Mass for that or I had thought about going to a local parish for the Mass and chalk . . . but the only time we ever did that was when Father J did it. It's never been done since, in any military chapel I've been too. Now, to be fare, they may have done here and I'm afraid I did not notice.

thanks for the great link.

did you like the casserole?

Dawn said...

I don't see it done often either. However, most times if you ask the Priest they will at least bless the chalk. Since it was "celebrated" on Sunday, we just had a regular daily Mass, but Father gave us a special blessing at the end.


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