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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Very Own Winter Wonderland

The kids were overjoyed at the sight of the snow..it's wet, it's thick and it's still here this morning! Go figure.

This is at about 4 pm. It's just beginning to stick...(click the pic to see better)

At about 7:30..it's stuck

my poor trees....

The front yard this morning at 6:55 am..

This is not a lot of snow compared what the NE received this past week, but for this area it's enough to put the brakes on everything.

1 comment:

PattyinCT said...

Wow Dawn! Your kids must be thrilled:)!! The kids and I started our "Snowvena" last November, and it has proven fruitful now for the two winters we've tried it. I mean, the day after we started praying it we got 3 feet of snow dumped on our home! Hahaha!
Enjoy the snow, it seems to make children of us all!


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