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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Superbowl Ad

Okay..I've been watching the news and listening to the news all weekend. Much talk has centered around the "controversial" Tim Tebow ad.

The ad shows Tim's mom talking about her experience in choosing life and the obvious results of that choice.

Feminist liberal groups like NOW are up in arms, saying the ad is divisive and attacks a woman's right to choose. Whatever, they either can't afford their own ad or they really can't counter this one. What are they gonna do? To make an equally effective ad for their side they'd have to show women or a woman talking about how her choice to abort her child was awesome and she's so much better for it. Um....probably won't go over too well.

The thing that got me going was that all the "pundits" seem to be focusing on the wrong idea. Someone asked why show it during the Superbowl. The Superbowl is primarily a male audience. I say why not? Men make the decisions to abort or not, as well as the woman. Since when did a woman create a life on her own? Why shouldn't men be informed and able to "choose"? If they get to pony up the dough to do the deed than they should be demanding some say in the matter. The best question I heard was why not show it during the oscars? The host said, come on! No one watches the oscars! ;) That at least made me laugh.

One "news" show begins by talking about Tebow's Christianity. How's he's so great for talking about it and living it. Okay, wonderful. But again, you don't have to be Christian to be pro-life. This is not about religion. This is about life. A life. A baby. Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, whatever..as HUMANS we should all be concerned about the life of an unborn child being snuffed out.

By taking the focus off the baby, the media, even those conservatives who probably don't realize what they are doing, are trivializing the entire issue. Perhaps it's just simply about a life. A child who may not have been here IS here. Because his mother(for whatever reason) chose not to have an abortion and the result is this wonderful human being, who by the way happens to be fabulous at football and not so hard on the eyes.


Maurisa said...

Well said, every last word!

Have you heard the NFL is mulling the idea of airing an alternative dating website during the Superbowl? I wonder if that was their answer to the Tebow controversy. It just shows how idiotic they really are. What guy watching the Superbowl is going to be interested in that particular website? Not to mention the complete obliviousness to the fact that FAMILIES are watching the Superbowl together. Why can't they air family friendly ads? It would certainly make more sense if they did.

Anonymous said...

Well written...I was unaware of the ad.

Sarah - Kala said...

Well done!

Grace said...

Beautiful! We gave money to support the ad. Glad we did!

Dawn said...

Thanks all for your comments. Mau- I wish men would revolt against all these commercials that reduce them to useless lumps of drunken lascivious gas bags. Some of the commercials may indeed be funny, but they make men look plain ol' bad. Stand up fellahs! Stand Up!

Mike in CT said...

Oh, Dawn, you're obviously filled with hate for women. /sarc off.

They can't counter the ad, that's their problem. Supposedly, Pam Tebow isn't saying don't have an abortion, she's just saying she's glad she didn't. How can they answer that except as you said, to show a woman who's really glad she did?

Dawn said...

Mike..I wonder what America would make of such a woman.

Mary333 said...

Great post! I was not aware of the ad, I'll look for it providing it doesn't get "pulled" for some reason. I loved every word you wrote :)


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