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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love The One Your With

Just stopped by Mary's and she had linked to Ann's. I grabbed my coffee and went bloghopping.

I hadn't visited Ann's for awhile and it was such a refreshing break. As it always is. Her post reminded me to thoroughly love my husband. He works so very hard to provide a good life for his family. He takes good care of us. He loves our children beyond words. He is a Godly man. He is a loving husband. He is principal, provider, disciplinarian and daddy.

Hug your husband today if he is near you. If he is not, email him or send him a something special in the mail. Thank him for all that he has done to keep your family together. To love you and teach your children.

+St. Joseph, you were given the responsibility of caring for Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ. Your sacrifices in this endeavor were never recorded but they are not unknown. Protect and intercede for the fathers and husbands in our lives.+

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